High Efficiency Evaporative Air Cooling

!!  Remember the Swamp Cooler?  !!

Anyone who has lived with a swamp cooler will remember a big noisy duct in the hall blowing damp, musty air in the middle of the house.  From there this moist and not very cool air was to flow into the living spaces.  But the only cool place in the house was the hallway.  These old coolers used 1" thick aspen pads for the evaporative media and were very inefficient.

High Efficiency

Phoenix Manufacturing Inc.'s evaporative coolers use high efficiency 8" thick rigid media that is up to 93% efficient.  This high efficiency media delivers colder air than any other evaporative cooler sold today.

 No Rust

PMI coolers don't just outperform these older coolers, they outlast them.  The machine is a completely new design, with the water supply contained in a durable polymeric pan.  In a properly installed and maintained machine, there is no water in contact with metal.  The Peblar XT exterior protective coat is the highest quality available and the weatherizing panel makes sealing up the cooler for winter a breeze.

Advanced Controller

The Aerocool Pro model includes a programable thermostat with multiple options and features like softspeed, for quiet start-up.

Just like getting out of a pool on a breezy day, the simple concept of mixing air and water produces powerful, energy efficient cooling.  The AeroCool series combines worry-free operation and low maintenance with industry leading advancements and reliability.