QuietCool Trident Pro X Series

Extremely Quiet Operation     ~     Ranges between 42 and 50dB     ~     Airflow from 1500 and 6500 CFM

QuietCool Trident Pro X fans offer a range of features not found in ordinary fans, starting with a long life PSC motor that uses far less energy than a traditional whole house fan.  The intake grill is removable for easy access for cleaning and installation of the accessory winterizing panel.  They also include a 15 year warranty.  These fans are only available through an authorized QuietCool dealer or installer. 

~     New     ~

An affordable wireless RF controller is available exclusively from QuietCool dealers.  This combination switch / timer eliminates the need to install new wiring in the walls.  Controllers can be added or moved as desired with no more than a screwdriver.
Trident Pro 1.5X
Trident Pro 2.5X
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Trident Pro 5.5X
Trident Pro 6.0X
Trident Pro 7.0X
QuietCool QC TRI PRO-1.5X

​The QuietCool QC TRI PRO-1.5X is perfect for cooling and ventilating small rooms.

Product Specifications:
  • Motor Voltage:  120VAC, 60 Hz
  • Energy Use:  115 Watts
  • Air Flow:  1498 CFM
  • dBA:  Hi:  37.4
  • Recommended SQFT Coverage @ 2 CFM per SQFT:  Covers 499 SQFT to 749 SQFT
  • Number of Speeds:  1
  • Duct Diameter:  14"
  • Duct Length:  6 feet
  • Motor Head Diameter:  14 1/2"
  • Motor Head Length:  13 1/2"
  • Dampers:  Barometric Pressurized R5 Dampers
  • Controls:  Included 8 Hour Electronic Timer
  • Warranty:  15 Years
  • Framing:  None Required
  • Joist Cutting:  None Required:  fits 16" or 24" on center
  • Minimum Suggested Attic Venting:  2 SQFT net free area
  • Ceiling Rough Opening:  14 1/4" x 14 1/4"
  • Removable Grille Outside Dimension:  16" x 16"
  • In The Box:  
    • QC TRI PRO-1.5X Motorhead
    • Removable Grille
    • Cut-out Template
    • Window Lock
    • Damper Box
    • 6 Foot Duct
    • Accessory Bag
    • Controls